Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Do we really think that in America we are the land of the free? I think not.Under the rule of law we simply have equal opportunity to engage in public polcy contests which can result in the loss of our freedoms a small piece at a time. In todays culture we suffer the Aristocracy of the better informed,  the accomplished self dealers. incompetent leaders who proclaim to defend us while experts defend them. " A society without an aritocracy, without an elite minority, is not a socity." [Jose Ortega y Gasset, Invertebrate Spain 1922] Suffering under the yoke of a fluid, changing, elite is the grist of the human existance. Today elites rule not by the sword but by the "deal" under the "rule of law.". To protect our own we must be  self informed, ready for the fight, ready to sacrifice, employ our brawn to counter their money always on the look out for " The Deal gone bad for us, heaven forbid to anticipated and deflect." We must use the rules of law and a history of citizen protest to deflect, change course, stop and /or turn around these 'Bad deals." The Emergency Manager Law  is one such deal going well for them and bad for us. We must demonstrate against the untransparent, unaccountable, unmeasurable aspects of this Law. " Law will never be strong or respected unless it has the sentiment of the people behind it."[ James Bryce, The American Commonwealth,1888] What is need is fact based opinion organized with a plan to educate others build coalitions, plan under the rule of law, non violence demonstrate , exercise civil disobediance that does not  harm the rights of others and persuade. " People are generally better persuaded by the reason which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come to the minds of others. [ Pascal,Pensees, 1670]. A point. The Energency Manager has to comply with all laws that affect, limit , control individuals as they dispense public good ot tax dollars except those specifically altered by the Managers underlying statute. The Freedom of Information Act is one such tool. How can this be used to make the Managers actions transparent? What other Laws or obligations of procedure is this manager obligated to and is he.  What are your thoughts.

How do we organize our opposition in this political/public policuny/law in application. Some say "The best strategic and tactical doctrines...are based upon deception, the creation of false appearance to mystify and delude the enemy, the indirect approach, ready adaptability to the enemy situation, flexible and coordinated  actions of separate combat elements, and speedy concentration against  points of weakness. Successful application of such tactics requires highly mobile and well trained shock and elite troops." [pg 9 Sun Tzu "The Art of War" Translated by Samuel B. Griffith.] In the age of social media we great in numbers have an organizational/action opportunity for us to negate the money and media control of them. JOIN IN!


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